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Beaufort County Tavern to Donate Thousands

Thousands of $1 bills stapled to the walls and ceilings of two rooms in Johnson Creek Tavern will come down this week and be donated to the Honor Flight Network.

Honor Flight provides free visits for veterans to veterans' memorials in Washington, D.C.

Tavern managers Jay Lloyd and Coleman White are expecting between $8,000 and $10,000 to be removed from the two dining rooms at the northeastern side of the building on Harbor Island. That will pay for more than a dozen veterans from the Beaufort-Savannah region to go on a trip in the beginning of May, Lloyd said.

The bills will be removed at a fundraiser starting at 1 p.m. Saturday at the restaurant at 2141 Sea Island Parkway. At least 20 Marines from Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort are expected to help with the removal.

Patrons decorate and staple bills to the walls in a tradition that dates back to before Lloyd and Coleman bought the bar and restaurant in 1999. While the bills in the bar will not be removed, ones in other rooms are periodically taken down and donated. Last year, $3,500 was donated to the Wounded Warrior Fund.

February 17, 2015
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